how to signal coral buddies , who was coral girl in the holiday

Who was Coral girl in The Holiday series?

So, Izzy is Coral Girl in The Holiday on Channel 5? After scowling at Rowan through ep 1 and Jenny in ep 2, Kate turned her woman-scorned glare at Izzy. The mum-of-two has convinced herself that single, childless Izzy (Cat Simmons) is the friend Sean’s been hooking up with.3 Mar 2022

Who was Izzy in The Holiday?

Cat Simmons

Who played Lucy in The Holiday?

Lara McDonnell

Who pushed Izzy in The Holiday?

Kate barely had time to discuss what had happened with Lucy – who had sent Jake an audio message asking him to kill Alex in her upset state – before little Odette came in and revealed it had been Jenny who had caused Izzy to fall off the cliff edge.4 Mar 2022


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