what order do the marvel movies go in , which marvel character am i

When was Captain Marvel first created?

Captain Marvel, American comic strip superhero created by writer Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan for Marvel Comics. The character debuted in Marvel Super-Heroes no. 12 in December 1967.

Was Captain Marvel originally a man?

Carol Danvers initially appeared as a love interest, not the titular hero, in 1968’s “Captain Marvel” series. The original superhero was a male alien named Mar-Vell who posed undercover on Earth as a human scientist.Mar 7, 2019

When did Captain Marvel become a woman?

In 2012, DeConnick created something of a masterpiece when she breathed new life into Captain Marvel. The female superhero first appeared in 1977, and originally named Ms.Mar 8, 2019

Is Captain Marvel a girl?

The character is the original Captain Marvel in the comic book created by Stan Lee. The key difference: Comic book Mar-Vell is a male while movie Mar-Vell is female. According to directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the gender swap happened “very late” into development.Mar 11, 2019

Who is Gamora in What If episode 9?

Notably, Gamora is one of the characters who is not voiced by her original voice actress, which would be Zoe Saldana. In Episode 9, she is voiced by Bosch actress Cynthia McWilliams.Oct 7, 2021

What is the 9th episode of What If?

Strange Supreme takes the Guardians to an uninhabited planet in What If…? Episode 9. Infinity-Ultron is looking for life, so this planet is the safest place for them to prepare. While they assess the situation, Strange Supreme uses his dark magic to put protection spells on all the team members.Oct 6, 2021

Who is the villain in What If episode 9?

Killmonger – Michael B. As one of the most iconic villains in the MCU to date, Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger makes another nefarious appearance in What If…? Much like his live-action counterpart, the episode 9 Killmonger seeks to wield power with the intention of – as he sees it – bettering his world.Oct 6, 2021


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