where to find gnomes in coral castle , what animals live in the coral reef

Where do you find the gnome?

You can find the first gnome with a pot – in the garden of the Macauley Residence, which is directly opposite the Town Hall. The gnome itself can be found in front of the pink rose bush next to the garden fence. The gnome is by the rose bush.15 Oct 2021

Is there a Jonesy in Coral Castle?

Players can find Scuba Jonesy in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 at Coral Castle, roaming around on the southern beach of the western island. Players can either glide directly to this location after hopping off the battle bus or make their way to the characters once the game progresses.20 Sept 2021

Where are the color jars in Coral Castle?

The Frozen Blue color bottles can be found at the central building of Coral Castle, with the first being found just outside it on the north side. The second can be found in the center of the building on the ground floor. Finally, head outside of the south side to find the third one.16 Sept 2021


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